New Hi Fi Add On Information

From Keith Hamilton: A standard Rangemaster will be pretty flat at the higher frequency up to 20KHZ and pretty flat down to 100HZ. Below 100Hz the response drops linearly about -3DB when it gets down to 20 HZ. Not bad, that is about half voltage loss. But this can be made up in audio processing.

Note that some Rangemaster's have been shipped with some HiFi parts in
The past already. In just part of the board, not a full HiFi upgrade as I am
doing now. Some parts are only now available (or I have just found them).
The low frequency response will be better on these boards
These board have a yellow transformer as the small transformer, not blue.
Blue is the standard. The large transformer is the modulation transformer and has always been red.
The new HiFi modulationTransformer is white.

The new parts:
Using the new parts instead of a 3 Db loss on the way down from 100HZ
To 20 Hz the loss would be about half or 1.5DB
I believe that is about a 18% voltage loss

At 10 Hz the loss is 1.2 Db, about 14% voltage loss.

*Note that these measurement were made at the Hamilton Rangemaster shop with a scope and are
not certified.